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Will I be able to find a job in aged care after completing a personal care course?
Currently, both in Australia and in China, there is a high demand for graduates in the aged care field. In fact, many of our students find employment soon after enrolling in their courses. There are many well-paying job opportunities in this field, with hourly rates of up to AUD$50, and annual salaries exceeding AUD$100,000. However, those working in support roles, particularly aged care, must be prepared for challenges, as taking care of the elderly requires patience and resilience and can be trying both mentally and physically.
What is the difference between the Temporary Work and Study visa and the Higher Education Study visa
If you are interested in pursuing a course of study at a technical school, such as The Westin College of Cookery and Hospitality, you will need a Temporary Work and Study visa (subclass 491). However, for those seeking to study at a university, you should opt for the Higher Education Studyvisa (subclass 500).
What is the cost of living in Australia?
The cost of living in Australia varies depending on lifestyle and individual preferences. Everyone’s different. For basic necessities, AUD $200 per week (approximately CNY¥1,000) is sufficient for some, while others may spend up to AUD$600 per week (approximately CNY ¥3,000). With proper budgeting, however, AUD$200 can go a long way. Supermarkets in Australia frequently offer discounts, and by cooking at home instead of eating out, you will be able to cut down costs significantly. All in all, as a student in Australia, you will most likely spend roughly AUD$1,100 per month (including rent, transportation, food, etc.), or around CNY¥5,500.
How much is rent in Australia?
The cost of rent in Australia depends on several determining factors. For instance, sharing accommodation with others in the city centre, such as a two-bedroom apartment, will cost around AUD$300 per week (roughly CNY¥1,500). In the suburbs or less central areas, shared accommodation may cost around AUD$150-200 per week (around CNY¥750 to ¥1,000). The choice is up to you, but to save money, you’re best off renting a room in a share house somewhere less central.
Is it easy to find a job in Australia? What is the average wage?
Many of our students have been able to work part-time jobs while studying. Classes are held two days a week, leaving you with enough time during the week to work and still meet your study requirements. There are many job opportunities on offer here: hospitality, retail, delivery, cleaning, moving, as well as airport pick-up services. Finding a job is relatively easy through apps like Today Australia and Yiyi. On average, you can earn up to AUD$1,000 per week (around CNY¥5,000) working part-time. As a student visa holder, you are able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight, and once you obtain a work visa, there will be no work hour restrictions. After completing 2 years of study in Australia, you will be eligible to apply for the subclass 485 work visa.
Can the income from part-time work cover my tuition fees?
Yes, it is possible. Our tuition fees total around AUD$10,000 per year (approximately CNY¥50,000). If you work hard and balance your studies, you can potentially earn from AUD$20,000 to $30,000 per year (approximately CNY¥100,000 to ¥150,000). The amount you earn will depend on your work ethic and personal capacity. Some students in Australia earn as little as they spend, while others work very hard, juggle work and study, and can save up to AUD$40,000 (approximately CNY¥200,000) by the end of the year. Again, this is largely dependent on individual capabilities and life circumstances, but it certainly can be done.